On Award

On-Award Engagement Plan

On-Award Engagement Plan (OAEP) describes the activities that will be implemented to support the On-Award engagement and professional development of Australia Awards Scholarships recipients during their time in Australia. The three areas for on-award engagement will be:

  • On-award support services
  • Professional development and linkages
  • Reintegration planning

The On-Award support services provided by the Mongolia program for scholars during their time in Australia.

Professional development and networking activities – The Australian Government has a strong interest in increasing its engagement with Australia Awards Scholars and its global alumni of the Australian education and training system.

Reintegration planning – The principle of active reintegration requires individual scholars to take ownership over their own experience in Australia, enabling them to identify deliberate actions they will take to build networks, knowledge and skills on-award that will enhance their return and reintegration experience to Mongolia.