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Australia Awards Ceremony

Posted: 8 October 2021

Australia Awards in Mongolia held an Awards Ceremony for the ten awardees from the Mongolian public and private sectors who have been awarded prestigious Australia Awards Scholarships 2022 on Tuesday, 5 October 2021. The selected awardees will pursue their postgraduate studies at Australian world-renowned universities in development areas such as development studies, environment, engineering, development economics, law, and finance.

The ceremony attendees were Mr. David Preston, First Secretary, Australian Embassy in Mongolia; Mr. Byambasuren.U, Vice Chief Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Mongolia; and selected awardees.

Mr. Byambasuren.U opened the ceremony by congratulating the awardees who have been selected for the Australia Awards Scholarship. He noted that he was very pleased to say that some of the awardees were from provinces. He expressed his appreciation for Australian government that provides a prestigious Australia Awards Scholarship for Mongolia’s next generation of leaders in development. He hoped that the selected awardees will study well in Australia. In addition to that, he hoped that they will complete their studies in Australia and apply the skills and knowledge gained while studying in Australia to make positive change and contribute to the development of Mongolia regardless of their sectors. And finally, he wished them the best of luck with their studies in Australia.

First Secretary of the Australian Embassy in Mongolia Mr. David Preston congratulated the awardees and said: “It is wonderful to see your journey for your education and for the development of Mongolia. There is no doubt that you will be in Australia as an Ambassador for Mongolia and come back as an Ambassador for Australia and build linkages between Australia and Mongolia. This is very important, and we will continue to support the Australia Awards Scholarships program. I hope you will make a lot of new friends, visit great places in Australia and bring great experiences back and contribute to the development of Mongolia.”

After the opening remarks by the representatives from both the Governments of Australia and Mongolia, the selected awardees introduced themselves briefly and explained the course they chose to study in Australia.

At the end of the ceremony, discussion session was held by the Australia Awards in Mongolia (AAM) team. AAM team introduced Australia Awards policy on preparatory programs, placement, mobilisation, and scholarship conditions.