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Women’s Leadership Program Cohort 6 – Newsletter 2

Posted: 5 March 2020

Orientation Retreat: From December 7th through to the 8th December, 19 participants of the Women’s Leadership Program Cohort 6 took part in a two-day orientation retreat at the Red Rock Resort.

The orientation retreat focused on the first outcome of the Program: improved leadership and decision-making skills and covered topics pertaining to self-reflection, team building, leadership styles, project management and women in leadership. Participants practiced multiple experiential and entertaining activities to demonstrate leadership skills and teamwork. The WLP participants have been formed into a project teams and have commenced designing their community development projects.

The two-day orientation agenda was as follows:

Day 1

  • Individual differences and personal style assessment (Mr. Walter Jenkins, Zorig Foundation USA)
  • Team-building Activities (RADAR training center)
  • Project Management (Mr. Marc Tasse, Project Management Institute)
  • Community development project briefing (Zorig Foundation, Australia Awards in Mongolia)

Day 2

  • Introduction to leadership (Mr. Walt Jenkins, Zorig Foundation USA)
  • How to lead within a team (Coach Changer)
  • Team-building Activity (Zorig Foundation)
  • Women’s Leadership in Politics (Ms. Kirsten Livermore, Team Leader Australia Mongolia Extractives Program, Former MP)
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Participants attending project management session