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“Learning from Australia Conference”

Posted: 31 January 2020

Mongolian students at the University of Sydney have come together to form the Mongolian Society. The group was founded on 1, November 2019 with the support of the University and has over 20 active members. The objective of society provides encouragement to Mongolian students enrolled at the University; strengthen student involvement in University activities, teams and social culture; and organise major events and activities. The mission is to encourage Mongolian students to understand the importance of their studies and how they can be applied in their home country, to advance a better future.

The first large event was held on Saturday, November 30th 2019. The Learning from Australia Conference took place at the University of Sydney Business School, featured nine speakers from Australian institutions and businesses, and drew a crowd of over 140 Mongolian students from Sydney and beyond. Speakers discussed a range of topics — public health, environment, and technology and the workforce — and how the knowledge and expertise they had gained in Australia could be applied in Mongolia.
Attendees included Mongolian students pursuing masters and doctoral degrees as well as undergraduates not just from the University of Sydney, but also from UNSW Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney. Students from beyond Sydney made appearances as well, hailing from the University of Canberra, Curtin University (Perth), and Flinders University (Adelaide). The discussion and exchange of ideas and opinions enriched all who participated.

The presentations discussed at the conference are as follows:

• “From start-ups to social enterprises,” by D.Nomin, University of Sydney
• “Using the Access Platform for choosing a profession,” A. Gerelmaa, The University of Canberra
• “Introducing the Australian style street addressing standard based on the geographic information system,” B.Galmandakh, Curtin University
• “Mongolian nationalism and national identity,” B. Zandan, University of the Sydney
• “Introducing flexible working arrangements in Mongolia,” D. Baljinnyam, Fuji Xerox Australia
• “High quality, inclusive and sustainable secondary education is the foundation of a country’s development,” B. Kharashash, Flinders University
• “Whooping cough vaccination for pregnant women – a lesson from Australia,” B.Khulan, UNSW Sydney
• “Rehabilitating soil polluted by heavy metals with electrocinetique methods, ” G. Namuun, UTS
• “Understanding opportunities arising from the digital transformation,” Z. Gantogoo, University of Sydney

Attendees and speakers from all schools expressed appreciation of the conference, and the desire to make it an annual event. The Mongolian Embassy in Australia, The Mongolian Community Association in Australia, The Union of Mongolian Students and Youth in Australia, SBS Radio and ICMYE-Oyunlag Centre, and Mr Tuvshinjargal Adiya provided either funding or support for the Learning from Australia Conference.