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Mozzies 2014-15 Professional Development Activities

Posted: 23 October 2015

The Mozzies Association had a very successful 2014-2015, especially the Mozzies Alumni Program (MAP) which received funding from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) through the Australia Awards Mongolia. This funding helped the Mozzies continue to develop new activities, training and programs to encourage professional development and networking for its more than 200 members.

The Mozzies Annual Conference attended by more than 50 members.

Highlights from the 2014-2015 MAP included:

  • The Mozzies Annual Conference attended by more than 50 members. It praised the activities organized so far, decided the new Board composition and identified activities to be implemented through MAP, etc.
  • 7 Mozzies took advantage of the “Call for proposals to take part in international conference/workshop/seminar” and attended events at locations including Australia, Germany, USA and Malaysia. The beneficiaries shared information with members and Mrs. Nergui presented on conferences in Mongolia and overseas, especially on what the benefits of participating in international conferences.
  • There was a special meeting of Mozzies with H.E. Ambassador of Mongolia in Australia, Mr Bold, where he shared information about the relationship between the two countries and learned about Mozzies’ activities. The meeting reinforced the good working relationship between the Mozzies Association and Embassy of Mongolia in Australia.
  • There were two new-graduate seminars, welcoming AAM graduates returning from Australia. These events are very popular, encouraging graduates to share their experiences and the professional knowledge they gained while in Australia. They are also important networking tools, to help them establish new contacts and reintegrate into Mongolia.
  • The first Mozzies’ “Knowledge Sharing Seminars” commenced and was highly successful. Four Mozzies who recently returned to Mongolia presented on Sustainable Development in IT. Many more sessions are planned for the coming year
  • Close to AUD3,000 was awarded to the Princess Center, an NGO run by Mozzies members to support education for young mothers. This was a new activity for Mozzies, showing that the Association has expanded its scope to support the broader community, not only serving its members.
  • A short film was produced detailing the story of the Mozzies and will be used to promote the association and convey its purpose and commitment to stronger Australia-Mongolia relations.
  • Through the MAP funding, the Mozzies website (www.mozzies.mn) was redeveloped and upgraded to provide a stronger face for the Mozzies brand and increase awareness about the association.

Mozzies Association members

Through DFAT’s support, the Mozzies Association was able to develop and deliver a range of highly beneficial activities for its members. With membership growing every year, it continues to build its strong partnership with DFAT to the benefit of existing members and graduates as they return from Australia.