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Review Workshop with Graduates

Posted: 1 August 2014

Attendees of a Review Workshop with Graduates who have been working in public and private organisations for two years after completing their Master's studies in Australia.

The workshop was recently conducted with Australia Awards graduates who have been working successfully in public and private organisations in Mongolia for 2 years after completing their Masters’ studies in Australia. The graduates from priority sectors including education, renewable energy, social welfare and environment discussed their personal and professional experiences and achievements in utilising the knowledge and skills obtained from their studies.

Graduates discussed ways and opportunities to contribute to national development by applying their knowledge, skills and experiences. They suggested ways to work together in priority areas and strengthen their networks and develop opportunities to cooperate on initiatives.

One great initiative was discovered at the workshop. A group of university lecturers from Category 2 had studied TESOL at Australian universities. On return to Mongolia, they applied for and won an Asia Development Bank (ADB) tender to develop an English language textbook to be used in secondary schools.