Shortlisting and Selection for Interview Process

Every year Australia Awards in Mongolia receives far more high quality applications than available scholarships. In order to arrive at a short list, there is a rigorous selection process that starts with all submitted applications being checked carefully for eligibility. Every application is then re-checked as a way to ensure full compliance. Any application deemed ‘ineligible’ is checked again and discussed by a panel to confirm the status.

All eligible applications are then sent to two independent consultants in Australia, not connected with the Australia Awards in Mongolia office or program. These two consultants check each and every application against set criteria and then cross check each other’s assessment for consistency. Their ranking and recommended shortlist is then sent to the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade for confirmation. The Australia Awards in Mongolia then contact shortlisted applicants to arrange an interview and unsuccessful applicants are advised at this time as well.

Interviews are chaired by the Australian Government with representatives from the Mongolian Government, civil society and an independent academic adviser from Australia.

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