Mr. Batpurev A., Graduate from the University of SydneyInfluencing Mongolia’s Economy

Graduate of the School of Finance and Economics in Mongolia, Batpurev Ayushsuren, continued in the same discipline when he was awarded an Australian Leadership Award to study at the University of Sydney in 2012 and 2013.
Both of Batpurev's parents were secondary school teachers and instilled in him a love of mathematics when he was growing up.
"But neither are Maths teachers", he said. "My mum teaches literature, and my Dad is a technology teacher", Batpurev said.
At high school, Batpurev considered two options for a future career: Economist or Lawyer.

Now, with his Master's Degree in Financial Economics from the University of Sydney, his career path is firmly directed towards economics.

Batpurev said he was often able to use his new knowledge and skills in his current role as an advisor to the Foreign Minister of Mongolia on economic and domestic policy issues.
And while gaining new abilities was the major purpose for his studies in Australia, being able to enjoy the vibrant city of Sydney was one of the "side-benefits" of his Australia Award, according to Batpurev. "The Australian Leadership Award is a prestigious program, combining not only a post-graduate scholarship but also many other development opportunities", he explained.

"The conditions for recipients of an Australia Award, such as the financial arrangements, options to do part-time work, and benefits for accompanying family members, make it the best scholarship program available to Mongolians."
Batpurev advises applicants for an Australia Award to be specific in relation to the subjects they want to study - then connect them with their focused purpose.
Already busy between his work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his voluntary work with local NGOs, Batpurev has his future well planned.
"In the short- term, I am looking forward to accomplishing my goals at the Foreign Ministry that can offer tremendous possibilities to improve the Mongolian economy by promoting its integration with international economy", he said.
"After achieving those successes I could imagine myself as an influential economist – my career path for the long term. "

A short time after this interview was conducted; Batpurev was promoted to the position of Director General of Market Development Department at the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia. His department has a challenging mission to develop the country's capital market, which is currently in a very early stage of expansion.

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