Success Stories

Story of Ms. Purevdulam LkhagvasurenAustralian Awards alumna is contributing to environmental sustainability in Mongolia

Ms. Purevdulam Lkhagvasuren completed her Master of Environmental Management at the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2016. Prior to her study in Australia, she was working as an Environmental specialist at Aspire Mining Limited.

Ms. Purevdulam chose to undertake her study through the Australia Awards because Australia has world class environmental management graduate programs. Similar to Mongolia, Australia has an extensive mining industry and collaborates with Mongolia on large mining projects

Mr. khishigt TamirMr. Khishigt Tamir

Mr Khishigt Tamir, an Australia Awards alumnus, was featured as ‘Winds of change’ in the alumni news section of Murdoch University website. After his return from Australia, Mr Tamir worked on the Salkhit wind farm, the first ever grid-connected utility sized wind farm in Mongolia and he subsequently worked on establishing the Tsetsii wind farm in the Gobi desert. Read more on Khishigt's story here..

Mrs Tsend-Ayush SharavjamtsNew First Secretary, Embassy of Mongolia in Canberra

Mrs Tsend-Ayush Sharavjamts has recently been appointed as First Secretary, Embassy of Mongolia in Canberra, Australia and is commencing her new role from 1st of August 2019.

Mrs Tsend-Ayush completed her Bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Science and Technology in 1999 and after working for 5 years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs she decided to pursue her career in Information Systems Management in Australia

Ms. Bujinlkham, Australian Awards Scholarship alumni and Board member, Monos GroupAustralia Award Graduate Combines Business and Technology Skills

Ms Bujinlkham (Buji) Bold graduated in 2014 through the Australia Awards Scholarship Program and is combining her Master of Nanotechnology from Flinders University in Adelaide with her earlier MBA from the Mongolian National University to help build the country’s emerging high-tech industries.

The Flinders Masters of Nanotechnology is a detailed, demanding program. Students need to develop the capacity to understand

Mr. Batpurev A., Graduate from the University of SydneyInfluencing Mongolia’s Economy

Graduate of the School of Finance and Economics in Mongolia, Batpurev Ayushsuren, continued in the same discipline when he was awarded an Australian Leadership Award to study at the University of Sydney in 2012 and 2013.
Both of Batpurev's parents were secondary school teachers and instilled in him a love of mathematics when he was growing up.
"But neither are Maths teachers", he said. "My mum teaches literature, and my Dad is a technology teacher"

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