Case Studies

Enkhnasan Nasan-Ulzii

Before travelling to Australia with her eleven-year old daughter to undertake her Master’s studies as part of an Australia Award scholarship, Enkhnasan had already completed a Bachelor Degree, and English language studies in Russia and in London.

“I studied physics for five years at the Ural State University and when I finished that I was planning to become a physics lecturer”, she said, “so I did a further year to gain my Master’s degree.”

In the meantime, however, she had

Bulgan TumurAssisted  by her Australia Awards studies in Melbourne, Bulgan Tumur is helping to create a cleaner and more environmentally friendly Mongolia. Bulgan, an architect with the Urnul Project, completed her Master’s in Sustainable Energy at RMIT, Melbourne, in December 2011.

“I realised that renewable energy can be incorporated into the building sector to gain more sustainable development, and that’s why I applied for an Australia Award,” Bulgan explained. During her high school

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