The Australian Government has provided scholarships to Mongolia in various forms since 1993. Since 2003 when Development Awards and Australia Awards began, more than 200 Mongolians have graduated with postgraduate qualifications and returned to contribute to Mongolia's development.

Australia Awards Alumni Network Strategy was launched in 2013 to guide engagement and interaction with Australia Awards alumni. Alumni can use professional and social links to develop enduring life-long relationships with each other and with Australia. The professional and personal networks developed between alumni build on their experiences as awardees. They can be used to facilitate strong and enduring links as they contribute to development in Mongolia. There are many beneficiaries from these interactions: the alumni themselves, the Mongolian and Australian Governments, employing organisations, businesses and universities.

Funding is available through the Program to support professional development activities for the Mongolia-Australia Friendship Society (the Mozzies) and for professional and career development, leadership and networking for women alumni of Australia Awards.

Expected outcomes

The Australia Awards – Mongolia program supports the broader Australia Alumni Association Network by collaborating with Mozzies and supporting their activities. The Program will:

    • support women alumni in Mongolia
    • support Mozzies to improve its external communication
    • promote the Australia Awards Alumni Network and help build the alumni network in Mongolia
    • seek opportunities to contribute to Mongolia's development by using Mozzies' expertise to research and propose reforms in employment sectors
    • acknowledge the benefits of Australia Awards to alumni, governments and institutions
    • contribute to delivering the Australia Awards successfully.


Activities are designed and developed annually in consultation with the Mozzies with funding available through grants for approved activities proposed by individual or groups of alumni to support their professional development, professional networking and links to the Program.

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